Help everyone win.

Fundamentally the Wee College Franchise Model is about creating value for others, and accelerating their success – be they owner operators, early educators, children, parents and the community at large. First and foremost we’re dedicated to building a culture of leaders who are committed to helping everyone win.

It’s part of what we call our ‘trickle theory’. Whatever we’re willing to give in helping others become successful – will in time, come back to enrich and support our own goals. In that spirit, we share everything with our Franchisees to accelerate success – from attracting talent to engaging learners and building partnerships with parents.

As a Wee College Franchise owner, you have access to training, curriculum materials, manuals, policies, procedures, accounting systems, learner tracking systems and an extensive internal web platform that’s used by instructors and parents. We also help you navigate the sea of bureaucratic red tape, explore Government Funding options, and protect yourself from legal liability issues.

But perhaps more importantly, you have access to a team of early learning facilitators and curriculum specialists who are constantly innovating ways to support a culture of learner engagement, exploration and self-reliance.

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