Melody Munro Founder / CEO

For the past thirty one years, Melody’s focus in bringing high quality childcare programs for children and families has never wavered. Her journey in the field of early learning and childcare has lead her throughout the province and into Montreal inspiring her to make a difference. As a result, Wee College was born and the passion and desire to empower parents, inspire teachers and create an environment of wonder and laughter for children is forefront each and every day. Melody exudes a positive energy and a passion for children which ignites the same in those around her. Melody’s a seasoned entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others, whether it is a child learning to write his name, a family juggling work and home or an educator striving to achieve higher education. The thing we love most about her as a leader is the fact that despite the many demands and responsibilities of being an entrepreneur, she makes time to read a book to a child, congratulate a staff member on achievement or have coffee with a parent.


If you asked her what is most rewarding about her career choice and why she remains dedicated and compassionate after all these years, she would tell you the children. She cannot walk into a center without being hugged, kissed or pulled into a conversation or activity by a child. The children recognize her genuine passion and love for them and her excitement is contagious!


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