What can I expect a Wee College Early Learning Center to generate in profit?

A fully occupied* 70 unit location can generate approximately $75,000 before taxes annually after salaries, and expenses. * When your Wee College Campus opens, the average time to reach full occupancy is 4 months.

How much does a Wee College Franchise cost?

A typical 70 unit location including Franchise Fee, Equipment, Training and Start up supplies requires an investment of approximately $125,000* (includes HST). * 25% of this investment must come from unencumbered (cash or liquid assets), the balance of which may be financed through various lending institutions.

What additional cash flow requirements are required as a franchisee?

New Franchisees should have a minimum of $10,000 in unencumbered money to serve as working capital during its first year of operation

What are the ongoing fees for a Wee College Franchise?

Royalty Fee: 4.5% royalty of Monthly Gross Revenue (monthly gross revenue excludes any government subsidies or grants). Communication Fee: 1.5% communication fee of Monthly Gross Revenue (monthly gross revenue excludes any government subsidies or grants). This fee is used by Wee College’s corporate team for branding and marketing on behalf of all Wee College Early Learning Centers.

Are there Government Grants that a Wee College franchise can qualify for?

Yes, our Corporate Office team will help you arrange all available grants as they may pertain to your province*. * We only disclose and undertake the process once the due diligence review is completed and the application process is successful.

What is the application fee, and why does it exist?

Due to investment of time required, and number of franchise requests we receive – there is an upfront application fee of $1,750 for our team to work with you in completing our application and due diligence process. Should you move forward and open a Wee College franchise, a portion of the application fee ($1500) will be credited towards the total franchise fee.

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